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Monday, June 26, 2017

What a ruff week haha!

Ok so this week was like really really really hard hahaha. I laugh now because its funny but i did feel like crying other moments in this week like when no one wanted us to come in when people some nicely other s not so nicely rejected us lol but anywho besides the whole bad week I will always remember that no matter how bad my day might be Heavenly Father is always there for me and is always there to comfort me pick me up and dust myself off. And it also allows me to remember that im not the only one who goes through this and that my Savior has been through worse. So i really have more to be grateful for and i really do feel that way especially because of my Companion shes super awesome Super obedient and Very straight blaze. Shes a wonderful example to me and i really appreciate everything that she does for me. 
We had a really sweet experience in the mist of all the wimpy haha so we went to go contact a friend of a member and well we got to teach the friend his name is Fabian and the member is Tata and his brother in law Joel is a less active that is trying to reactivate and we are helping him with that too but in reality hes super Capo! and is doing it all himself and with Gods help obvi haha but what was so special and ill never forget is how Joel testified with all his heart to Fabian about the way that this gosple changed his life completely an still continues to do so. He is so great and i know that no matter how far we separate ourselves from God its not impossible to come back and when we do it every sacrifice and battle we have with our Temptations will be worth it because there is no greater joy than to get nearer to God through His son Jesus Christ. And Joel made that clear to us all that night.

Con Amor,


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