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Monday, July 10, 2017

Ah Jesus Christ Moment

Ok so let me just share the best lesson we had this week that was my highlight of the emotional roller coaster that ive been on this week haha.
So on Friday we found this couple Diego and Esther they were working on their yard and we contacted them and offered to help them but they said no they were ok and plus i think when they see our skirts they don't take us so serious haha but anywho. We asked them if we could share a short message with them and they accepted. We sat down on the sidewalk with them and offered a pray to start and we testified and talked about how we can be forgiven of our sins and how it can be valid in Gods eyes thank you to the restoration of God power and authority of the Preisthood. Let me just say they are a couple that isn't married living together that drink and smoke and one at the first glance wouldn't think they would be interested but let me tell you they were all ears and we invited them to be baptized and they accepted! We also asked if we could come back and keep sharing our message they also said yes so FLASH FORWARD TO SUNDAY We go back and we look for Diego and Esther and Esther didn't come out she was taking a Siesta but we weren't going to get down on that we went outside on the same sidewalk with Diego but Diego had a couple of Friends with him one was a little passed the beer bottles but harmless and the other 4 were about to start but Diego and us invited them all to listen some looked a little Hesitant at first but they all accepted to listen. As we started to teach and testify there was such a strong spirit there i loved it my comp and i felt like Jesus in the picture when hes teaching a lot of people sitting on a huge rock it was the most amazing feeling. They were all interested and im just saying these men are probably people we as people in "normal life" would never dare to talk to. But they were the humblest most willing to listen and with hopes to change their lives. I loved this moment and it made me think we are all his children and Salvation is for everyone. No one is exempt from participating NO ONE. I know that is true with all my heart and i know that Miguel Alejandro Diego Jose and Facundo are all sons of God and He wants them home but with a change of heart and being born of water and the spirit i hope and pray that if not all but some of them preferably all could take that leap of faith and change their lives for the better. I love being a missionary of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Con Amor,


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