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Monday, June 12, 2017

What a week of Milagros!

I sometimes think Wow i'm so Wonderfully blessed by God to be a participate of His huge blessings! 
Well this was my companions last week before she completed her time and goes home tomorrow! And we were able to see the fruits of our labors! We were so excited it wasn't an easy week either it was very trying and tiring but we made it haha The best part was feeling like i was completing with my purpose as a missionary and a Sister Training Leader. I could feel so much love for the Sisters and for all of the people that surround us. The best thing that i learned this week was to just Trust God and My Leaders as imperfect as they may be (my leaders ) i need to remember that i'm not perfect either. And i need to remember Nefis Example on how when things went south for him when he broke his Bow that wasn't his fault and all the people that where depending on him were complaining and getting angry but we shouldn't do that because like in his situation it wasn't Nefi's fault that his arrow and bow broke but he still did everything possible to fi x the problem. Before we get angry or judge lets stop and take  a sec and remember no ones perfect and try to help the best way we can possible.

Con Amor,


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