Alondra's Mission

Monday, June 19, 2017

PIDE Santiago 1:5

In this week i had a huge impression of extending my service till September and I was a little hesitant after i had told my President not that i didn't want to but because I wasn't sure of it it wasn't something i had prayed about it was just an impression. But since yesterday it was something that was very heavy on my mind and i didn't know if it was totally ok or if i was just acting on impulse but i As they said it over and over again this Sunday during sacrament meeting i knew that i too tenia falta de sabiduria and i needed to go to God and get the clarity i  needed. So i did and like many others i'm not the only one i received a clear and Strong answer like how i had asked Him to give me and i know with out a doubt that  He lives and He loves me He Truly loves us all that is why He sent us His Son Jesus Christ the ONLY one who could bring us back home to Heavenly Father and He sent the gospel to be restored the same way it had been brought when Jesus was here on earth i know that Joseph Smith is the Prophet that God chose to Restore these great and eternal truths and i know that the most PERFECT proof of all this is The Book of Mormon. I know that its true and its all thanks to the ability we have to Pray to our Father in Heaven and receive direct answers from Him by His spirit and the Book of Mormon. I'm so happy that i have the chance to testify of these things for a while more .

Con Amor,


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