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Monday, June 5, 2017

Keep on Going!

Oh man haha this was such a Crazy Week!!! Well first off Maxi didn't get baptized This Weekend he still needs some more time and well he kinda let us know that he also felt like we were pressuring him to quit smoking 😥 I felt soooo bad! but i do know that my love grew more for him and  his family i know that we cant obligate ANYONE to do anything they DON'T want to do but i think we got a glimpse of the love that God has for us He desires THE BEST for us but He gave us our agency and sometimes we chose to do other things that aren't good for us but He still loves us and He still keeps fighting for us He still protects us and helps us. So if my Father in Heaven loves me enough to let me and Maxi and the whole world choose for ourselves i think i should have that same love and patience for Maxi too but i know that its not my timing ever its my Heavenly Fathers timing and we need to have more patience for his progress but we know that it is something he wants to do but with time it will pan out

Con Amor,


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