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Monday, May 22, 2017

Hola Hola Maxi is getting baptized the 3rd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We can breath now so we thought that Maxi was getting married for sure this past Monday but no they weren't ready yet in terms of papers but now its all set and hes super excited to get baptized the 3rd of June hes so great and his wife Mariana is like a really big support for him and their daughter Pilar is doing great as usual with all the cool teen stuff haha but lately here there have been a lot of kidnappings of minor teenage girls but don't worry we are all good and no danger for us missionaries haha but its really sad to see how they post up everyday different signs of different teens missing recently. But back on the bright side sorry haha we had a good ruff week on cause i've been a little sicky and it just takes a tole on my body but i will get over it and it doesn't stop us from working lol. My companion is doing great im so happy shes my comp! She helps me soo much! and i'm so happy that even though shes leaving this transfer back to HOME lol shes sooooooo SO focused! I love her and and so proud of her for that!! Also today we were able to climb a really Big hill lol it was a killer work out we are all so tired haha but we did have a great time in the beautiful hills of Salta

Con Amor,


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