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Monday, May 15, 2017

Full of the Spirit!

Man on man was this week just the best!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHH we are so excited! we have a Baptism coming up and a wedding! The wedding is first actually haha and another Baptism in the next couple weeks! We have a young man that has gotten the desire to serve a mission!! WOOOOHA We have super AMAZING Members in Vicente Sola!! I couldn't ask for  a better area! So this week we had the lovely experience to see the baptism of one of the missionaries in our district and well we weren't going to go at first because we had a week full of meetings with our leaders and our Zone and we had divisions and we needed to take time to do our weekly Planning and this was our morning to do it i was reluctant at first and i really didn't want to but no one was showing up so to show support we went -_- So as you can tell i wasn't too happy but i was trying to support my companion and fellow missionaries but man did in need that amazing Spirit! The Spirit was so Strong in this Baptism i couldn't help it i was so overwhelmed and moved by the spirit when i saw Nestor the young man that was getting baptized in the font and with Elder Towns about to the ordnance and all i could think was how Jesus Christ did the exact same thing Trying to give us the Example of what we had to do  and i felt that what Nestor was doing was Exactly what God wants for all of us Then when he bore his testimony i felt like i was listening to a member of 15 years. He expressed simple feelings of happiness and Renewal but it was so strong so strong and i couldn't help but weep i Know that Baptism is the Key to get into his Kingdom and i know that is doesn't end there We gotta Endure and its not impossible i know its not because even in that Jesus Christ gave us that example when He endured everything to give His life for us He never stopped and said wait i cant no more it hurts too much He finished what He came here for and so can we Don't give up and remember that He lives and is always Rooting for us I love you guys and Happy Mothers day to all my Mommas!!!

Con Amor,


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