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Monday, May 1, 2017

Ezequiel Came to Church!!!!

OK well this week was great we ended this transfer super great with a huge miracle!! Ezequiel is a young father that has a lot of family and personal problems but he really desires to find the truth and feel true forgivness from God and well we have been trying to help him out but for almost a month he left us because of some unfavorable matireal that he had found about the church. But we 
knew that we needed to keep looking for him so after a month break we got the courage to call him and invite him to meet with us and if after this meeting he didnt feel that we were helping him get closer to God then we would leave him alone... We had to help him feel the Spirit the best way possible so that he could feel that relief that comes from the restored Gospel. And so we met with him and he Accepted to meet again and read the Book of Mormon again and pray about the church to know if this church is the only and true church of God and hecommited to come to church! Man were we so excited! and well Sunday came and HE CAME!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHH we were so excited for him! we really hope that being there Sunday he could feel that that is where God wants him to be we pray for him and our other investigators that may be able to feel the spirit and make the desicion to keep investigating and one day make the choice to follow Christ even better by entering the waters of Baptisim! We are Pumped and we know there is alot to keep bettering ourselves in but we are happy to know that all things are possible through Christ
Con Amor,


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