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Monday, May 8, 2017

2 at Church!!!!!

Golly!! This week has been WOW! I was able to learn so much i don't have time to write it all haha but i do know this that Fasting has a Great power!! i was able to see that this Sunday.And well a Huge blessing was this new family that just moved into our our ward and they are so great!! Marian and Maxi they re about ot get married this 15th and Maxi is not a member  and we are teaching him and he went to church this Sunday! We were so happy the first day we met them! It was all just so perfect and we knew that God literally placed them there with a cute bow and everything this family is just too Ready for all the blessings that the Restored gospel has to offer! They are excited to get married and Pilar is Marianas daughter shes super great too!! She loves different languages and is super excited because my companion and i Both speak English haha oh yeah and by the way we had transfers this past week and my comp and i stayed together!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! haha this is Hna Hills last transfer she goes home this June and man are we going to rock this last weeks with Her i love her so much! haha We are like sisters!! Literally she is just Great! haha and also!!! I just want to talk about this really cute family we are teaching the moms name is Carolina and her kids are Luzmila Thiago and Valentino they are the cutest family and i just love how ever since we taught them how to pray they pray every night together and it is the most beautiful sight to see just saying! I love this work and i love these people! AHHH my heart this week was so full of this IMMENS JOY! and i never want it to stop hahaha Happy Mother day by the way to all my mommas!!!!!!!! You guys are the best! There is no better calling then to be a mom! I love you all and God loves you guys more and is very proud of all your efforts none of them are for granted i know it Muha!

Con Amor,

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