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Monday, April 24, 2017

What a Miraculous Sunday! (I don't think that's spelled right???)

So this week was great we had great lessons found a lot of new people to teach and we were super excited for this Sunday to see all of the people we had taught at church but then came Sunday and NOTHING..... Great .... not one investigator. As you can imagine we were pretty bombed we did everything we could to get them to church. And nothing. But..... We called a man that had contacted us  on the street this past week to invite him to church and when we called he accepted and he came! At the end but he Came!! We were like WOW!!!!!!!!! haha He came right in time for Quorum haha he fit right in with the lesson they were talking about Goals and how we need to set them and his goal was to get to know God better! WHAT!? This man was literally just a person that we had met on the street and hadn't taught but is so willing to do what ever to get to know God  better We know that God works miracles always in people and i know that was a Tender mercy of the Lord i know that Grigorio is going to find more than what he is looking for and we are just super excited for Him!!
We are coming to an end on this transfer too so we gotta get pumping!! Love you guys and kust want to share something that one of my Favorite people shared with alot of us missionaries " Youe Toughest Challenges can Often Result in your Best Experiences." Go Get´m
Con Amor,


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