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Monday, April 17, 2017

Happy Late Easter

So this was a really good week! I love the Spirit that comes with the whole world celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ (im really sorry if im spelling wrong ok)
But this week i just want to share something really special that happened to my comp and i We were out working trying to you do the usual find new people to teach and we were promted to go by a mans house that wasnt progressing very well and well when we went no was there but there was another woman standing outside with her grandchildren and we contacted here and she was very kind to us and we felt that we should ask to share a prayer and a message with her she accepted and we went into her home and well we got to know her a little and we felt to invite her to church  because from what we herd she was very lonely and really missed her children and grandchildren that moved away to Colombia. When we were inviting her to go to church with us the next day she interrupts us and asks us how can one be baptized!? we both looked at each other like WHAT!? Baptized? haha uhhhh we were so in shock we hesitated but smiled and explained to here how she could participate of that very sacred and important ordenacion  she accepted to be baptized this month and accepted a book of mormon and accepted our invation to come to church we were so suprised! We had seen a miracle like that all week and well we both felt that and know that God directs this work! he always has and always will and i know that if we humble ourselves and obey everything that he commands we will be blessed and we will come closer and closer to what He wants and what is better for us its alot easier said then done but Nothing is impossible for Him! Dont doubt Just Believe

Con Amor,


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