Alondra's Mission

Monday, April 3, 2017


GOLLY!!!! I love GENERAL CONFERENCE! it was exactly everything i needed! And i know its the same for every single one of you guys Well if you haven't seen it i advise y'all to see it you'll love it! I'm so grateful for the Restored gospel of Jesus Christ because we have the opportunity to enjoy of modern day revelation that we so desperately need if we want to get along in these latter days. 

I'm so happy seriously I'm so happy to be here on the mission in this time serving i know that it gets hard but like i learned this General Conference I can do hard things we can do hard thongs its not impossible! i know its not Because we are all His children and he knows what we are truly capable of. I know it and i know that God knows it too! Be happy and every time we may feel like its just not a good day Look up towards the sky and remember that there's a Heavenly Father up there smiling down on you guys and sending countless blessing upon each and every single one of you! I love you guys and i know He loves you more! 

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