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Monday, March 27, 2017

Confirmed and HAppy!!

YESS So new area but so many tender mercies of the Lord! I love my new are and my companion is A BLAST! i love her so much she is super funny and very spiritual! This week a investigator that had gotten baptized 2 weeks ago finally got confirmed yesterday! and man are we all happy most importantly He is! His wife who isn't a member also when to support him and it was lovely and its a miracle because she was very hard too but now she is accepting our visits! We are so happy and this week found a lot of people to teach! MAn Womans Conference was super great too my favorite part was when Henry B Erying said that not only does the spirit comfort us but it also helps us in our personal progress here on earth and i truly testify that that is something very huge for me that i was able to see in this week. I m so happy that we have a modern day Prophet and apostles that guide us in these Latter days! Yeah ill be honest before this Sunday and woman's conference i was feeling a little down in the dumps but with the Lord by my side and the angels he sends me and leaders to guide me I was reassured that it will all be ok! I know that He loves us and He knows us better than we think we know ourselves i know that all he wants from us is a Sincere heart and a contrite spirit  and Obedience to His commandments and Promises that we will be Blessed and he will always light the way even when it seems dark.I Know that this is his true church and the work that we are all doing is to help build his kingdom here on earth and prepare us and all his other children for his Glorious return i testify it in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen. 

Con Amor,


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