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Monday, March 13, 2017

Ahhhhh Last week With my Daughter!!

HAha ok well here in The mish when you are trainning a new missonary they call her your daughter or for the elders their son. And well this is our last week together and it makes me super sad ! BUt i like i know that we were going to come to an end because well she and i have to keep progressing and learning from other companions sooooo I can handel it aha. 

This week we had a good one! We have 3 investigators progressing and they are just so Good! Welove them so much and its seriously amazing everything that they are experiencing through the gosple! They haveto get married though so that kinda holdsup the process but they are super excitef and the desire to do it all is there! They are rockstars!! we had a District Conferece andwe had to go together in a huge bus with the Branch and our investigators along with a couple investigators of the other sisters went!! They had to get up super early! and they did it with so much enthusiasim!! (IMSORRY IF MY SPELING IS TERRIBLE OK I DONT SPEAK ENGLISH UNTIL MONDAYS)
bUT we are super happy and we are finding new ones every week we gotta find more tho! 

And the cool part too is that its cooling down now!!!!!!!!!!! YESSS Finally!! Autunn is about to start
and ill send cool pics of a park we went to today! SUPER BEAUTIFUL We coould even feel the spirit there too! Oh Creations of our FAther! Love youguys and have a Super AWesomeweek
Con Amor,


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