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Monday, February 27, 2017

Hello Family!!

Well hello Mi beautilful family and Friends! 

This week was really good well perhaps we didnt have a Baptisim but its ok we are still preparing lots of very Special and elect people! 

There is one in particuarl that is super special her name is Nancy she is like a rockstar! She came to church this Sunday and she really liked it she loved it and she read the Book of Mormon and she felt the Spirit totallly so special she also felt the Spirit when she finished the lesson with her prayer! Gosh darn it! I love how God works! Shes not the only one We also had a very special lesson about the Book of Mormon with Monica She didnt go to church but its ok we are working on her she has alot of desires to read the Book of Mormon and very desierous to keep listening to us! Ahh we didnt have all the people that we invited and commited to church but we are totally going to work sduper Hard to have more people at church! Im so excited for what Ledesma is going to become there are rock star members that are coming to light that are super excited to work ! 

And well my companion is doing super great oops im sorry that i havent been mentioning her alot haha someone told me that i dont mention her so im going to take time to mention her haha I get along very well with her! I love her so much and i am so happy that we have the chance to be companions i learn a ton from her and she is like progressing super well Every week its like she has more and more ganas to work work work! She is the best! ok and i dont konw if i said this before but we are living in a house of 4 haha our area is spilt in half Sisiter Bower and Sister Granda are the other Companionship we all get along super well i love this area i love these people i love my companions and i love this WORK! I know there are alot of hard time too but im literally so happy right now.
Con Amor,


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