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Monday, December 12, 2016

Its Heating Up!

Its the weirdest thing to have Christmas in the summer time!! haha I literally sweat all day. Perhaps a little too much but seriously I'm impressed to see it myself! haha

This week we saw a ton of miracles!!! We had a lot of  Less actives come to church and wow were we so happy to see them! We had visited them earlier in the week and a lot of them are new less actives that we had met and almost every single one came to church! 

We have a baptism for this weekend and hopefully one for Christmas Eve! Golly are we just seeing and receiving so many Blessings! This is so Great! And sincerely I cant think of a better place to be right NOW! 

I hope that you all remember why we celebrate this time of year and Really try to keep Him in our hearts I'm So happy that in this time we unite with the rest of the world to celebrate our Saviors Birth I love Him and I Know He Loves me too as well every single one of you! 

We have a Christmas Tree of Families from the Ward and we just happened to be at the top haha I Love this Christmas Tree!!! So Sweet!! and I love the scripture in the corner John 3:16 For God so loved the world He gave His Only Begotten Son...

Con Amor,
Hrm. Urena

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