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Monday, December 5, 2016

Coronel Arias Jujuy!

So This week we had a beautiful Musical number by the primary! Oh it was so cute! To hear the Kiddies Sing about the Birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. They lit the hearts of all the members! Its amazing what this Christmas Season brings to us and all the World. 

Also we have a yound man leaving on his misison this week! Ah we are so excited for him and super proud! He is a huge example for his whole family! They have been through alot like most of us and have pulled through every trial with Faith and hope in the Lord.

This week we found alot of people to teach in a part of our area that we have never explored before because we were alwasy told that we shouldnt go there but we found amazing people that are willing to follow the example and learn more about His gospel. We are super stocked for these New people! Something that i was able to learn this Sunday was that DyC 18:10 The worth of every soul is great! Ill be honest i  know sometimes i think and say to mtself no i dont think that this man wants to learn or no hes not even going to try to listen to us but in reality i dont know that! God knows our true potential and He knows what can become we need to learn to not get in the way of that. We should always be willing to help whoever whenever with out jugding the circumstances. I know that if i do that i will truely be able to find every person that He wants my companion and i to find and all of you as well can do it to. 

I ate Lama!! it was Great!! we wen Tilcara With a Strong Member! Rocio!! to  so pretty and we got to visit the little houses up there!i forgot the name of the people that lived there oops
We had lots little angels like her on Sunday and we were feeling the Heat!! HAppy December!!
I love my Companion! She is such a goof but a spiritaul fireballat the same time!

Con Amor,

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