Alondra's Mission

Monday, December 19, 2016

So Much Joy I just Cant!!

Seriously time is just not my friend haha everything is going by so fast!!!

But anywho we had a good week! 2 Investigators progressing but very very well! we are so excited for this Saturday! This past Saturday Canela was going to be baptized but she wanted to have her own baptizim haha so shes going to be baptized on a very special day! Christmas Eve!! We love her and are so excited for her But most importantly she is super excited! She has the biggest smile on her face when we talkabout her Baptisim! (fyi i dont know how to spell baptisim in either lanuage bare with me please) haha  

And we found a very special sister that is very interested in the gosple! She went to church for the seocnd time and she read the Book of Mormon and is Praying!! golly is she feeling the spirit! She loves it! and has a lot of support from her aunt which is a member that is reactivating!! ahhhhhwe are so happy!

We have Another family that is reactivating as well but gosh every one is special but these guys have such a special place in my hear well they all do but man i love to see the Reyes familiy at church now! and i love the fact that they are all willingly to do whatever it is possible to be there! I Know that through small and simple tings Great and Marvelous miracles happen!

Dont lose Faith! i love the stoy of Alma and his people in the Book of mormon! its in Mosiah 24 it really helped to remember that no matter what i can always speak to my Heavenly Father and that if i dont lose faith and press forward with paciencia and hope in Him and in my circumstances i will be ok and He will go where ever i go! and i  know that for everyone of you guys! I love you guys so much and have a Very Merry Christmas and a HAppy New Year!!

In this time of year in Argentina you gotta have Air!!! 

We Had our Christmas Conference! it was Sweet! we had i with the 2 zones in Jujuy

Mi Presidente de Mision! Presidente Chaparro! and my companion!!

y my querida Hna Tramell!! La amo tanto!! 

Con Amor,

Monday, December 12, 2016

Its Heating Up!

Its the weirdest thing to have Christmas in the summer time!! haha I literally sweat all day. Perhaps a little too much but seriously I'm impressed to see it myself! haha

This week we saw a ton of miracles!!! We had a lot of  Less actives come to church and wow were we so happy to see them! We had visited them earlier in the week and a lot of them are new less actives that we had met and almost every single one came to church! 

We have a baptism for this weekend and hopefully one for Christmas Eve! Golly are we just seeing and receiving so many Blessings! This is so Great! And sincerely I cant think of a better place to be right NOW! 

I hope that you all remember why we celebrate this time of year and Really try to keep Him in our hearts I'm So happy that in this time we unite with the rest of the world to celebrate our Saviors Birth I love Him and I Know He Loves me too as well every single one of you! 

We have a Christmas Tree of Families from the Ward and we just happened to be at the top haha I Love this Christmas Tree!!! So Sweet!! and I love the scripture in the corner John 3:16 For God so loved the world He gave His Only Begotten Son...

Con Amor,
Hrm. Urena

Monday, December 5, 2016

Coronel Arias Jujuy!

So This week we had a beautiful Musical number by the primary! Oh it was so cute! To hear the Kiddies Sing about the Birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. They lit the hearts of all the members! Its amazing what this Christmas Season brings to us and all the World. 

Also we have a yound man leaving on his misison this week! Ah we are so excited for him and super proud! He is a huge example for his whole family! They have been through alot like most of us and have pulled through every trial with Faith and hope in the Lord.

This week we found alot of people to teach in a part of our area that we have never explored before because we were alwasy told that we shouldnt go there but we found amazing people that are willing to follow the example and learn more about His gospel. We are super stocked for these New people! Something that i was able to learn this Sunday was that DyC 18:10 The worth of every soul is great! Ill be honest i  know sometimes i think and say to mtself no i dont think that this man wants to learn or no hes not even going to try to listen to us but in reality i dont know that! God knows our true potential and He knows what can become we need to learn to not get in the way of that. We should always be willing to help whoever whenever with out jugding the circumstances. I know that if i do that i will truely be able to find every person that He wants my companion and i to find and all of you as well can do it to. 

I ate Lama!! it was Great!! we wen Tilcara With a Strong Member! Rocio!! to  so pretty and we got to visit the little houses up there!i forgot the name of the people that lived there oops
We had lots little angels like her on Sunday and we were feeling the Heat!! HAppy December!!
I love my Companion! She is such a goof but a spiritaul fireballat the same time!

Con Amor,