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Monday, November 21, 2016


So Hello my beautiful Family and friends I just want to star off with I love you guys and i am very grateful for you guys! And i hope that you guys are all doing great and enjoying this Season lots of happiness and cheer!

This week was a rough one and to be honest it felt like almost impossible but its amazing how the Lord works! 
He helps me through studying the scriptures and learning about Him and through pray i can also feel that He is right there listening to me. I Love my Father In Heaven and i know im not here to please anyone but Him. 
He also helps me feel comfort and hope through my Faithful Companion she is so strong and her faith and desire to work is amazing and has helped me get through it all. 

From this weeks events all i can say is PACIENCIA, AMOR, HUMILDAD, Y HUMILDAD, Y HUMILDAD!(Im sorry i dont remember these words in english ver well hahah)
And the most perfect example is Jesus Christ he suffered so much and endured soooo much and Never did he murmur or get angry or frustrated. Better yet He prayed for those that were crucifying Him! I cannot thank Him enough for showing us the way to do things and I know that if i follow Him He will bless me and help me have a better week and more love and paciencia for all those who surround me and that  i am serving .

On the bright side i love my companion SOOOO MUCH!! sHE IS THE BEST !!! And the weather is great !! We have had LOTS AND LOTS OF RAIN!!! much better than HOT and HUMID! haha 

Love you guys and hope you all enjoy This Thanksgiving! 
Con Amor,


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