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Monday, November 28, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!

AHHH, It was the best thanksgiving! We got shelves and pictures hung up of John the Baptist and the Buenos Aires Temple, we had a Sweet Week! We had a Tormenta Blanca!! Its when all the missionaries come to an area of one of the companionships and they street contact and teach, and well, they did that in our area! We got 19 new People to teach!!  WE are SO EXCITED!! We also found a very interested guy that came by himself to the chaple yesterday and wants to learn more about the gosple We have an appointment with him Today, ahhh we are so excited!! Someting that I really loved this week was something I read in John 16:33... With all the Things that we go through this made me remember that no matter what things we go through we can still find Peace in these tumoltuos times. I love the peace and comfort that the scriptures bring to me. I hope that we can all feel it especially this Christmas season. Oh and I hope you guys can also do the Light the World Thing. 25 days of service is the best way to share the light of the world!!

Con Amor,


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