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Monday, October 17, 2016

Just when you feel like you can't go anymore, He's always right there!

So this is a long story but, I'll try to make it super short and give it all the meaning it was for me!

 Well, as you know our week wasn't so great last week. But just when I thought that I couldn't go any more, God is always there to pick me up and dust me off and let me know that He's always there!

So this is what happened. We ended the week bad, not a lot of lessons and progressing investigators, we had no money to buy our groceries for the week, we didn't finish our studies, we didn't eat until like 6 PM, we lost the cellphone that I have to pay 400 pesos for haha, and we had forgotten the keys to our apartment at the chapel, and barely had enough money to pay for our taxi to go look for the keys, and we had to start working at 6:30 and all this occurred at 6:15, and we were still in p-day clothes!

I felt so much pressure, responsibility that slipped through my hands, and like a failure...... BUT little did we know that God was there the whole time and He was just trying to help me see what I can do better and how to do it. 

When we got to the chapel to find the keys, we found a man that had attended General Conference and was hooked! He had a really rough past and was just trying to look for God, and he knew that this was where he was going to find Him. When we saw him, we immediately did not care if we were in p-day clothes. We greeted him so happily and taught him right then and there. I cannot express how  strong the spirit was in the whole lesson! That lesson was just full of light and truth, and he felt that it was all that he needed to be a better father and keep pressing forward with his children. We invited him to be baptized on the 29th of this month and he accepted so humbly and I couldn't stop crying after that lesson knowing that if I could have just had a little more faith, a little more patience, and a lot more humility, everything would work out just fine. I testify that the Lord really does love and knows us, each and every single one of us. He knows personally and He knows where and what is our limit. Never lose faith in what He can do for us and in His tender mercies, they are always present. Since then, we haven't stopped trying to do better, and we are striving to work as hard as we can to be better instruments in the Lord's hands. I know He lives and I know He loves us too. I testify this in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

 BY THE WAY HAPPY MOTHERS DAY FROM ARGENTINA!!!! (they are the only country that celebrates it in October haha) Love you all and have a marvelous WEEK!!!!

Con Amor,


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