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Monday, September 12, 2016

Switch it all up!

This week was super good! Well monday was sooooo cold i just couldnt handel it  haha but its ok these are thae last days of winter and then comes spring! We had a zone meeting and its seriously amazing how inspiried our President is its such a blessing to be in this mission! We learned about how we can work better with the members! it was perfect because its exactly what aour area needs! So we learned alot and i loved the final question that was What more cani do? And well me and my companion ask ourselves that every day and i think its helping because this week we did things alittle different we changed up alot of appointmentes and we saw tender mercies every where we turned! And well We now have 3 new investigators and 2 went to church this Sunday!! ahhhhhhh we were so happy and they loved it! they accpeted a date for baptizim too so that is great! and their mom wants them to investigate she is less active but we have set up an appointment to see her and talk to her too! My companion got a little sick becuase we ate lamb and it was great but not so great to her stomach and since them she hasnt been feeling to well. But it was super great! this week I also got a reality check on the Sacrafice of our Savior. Perhaps im wrong but i was reading in Matthew about all the events that occured leading up tpHis crucificion and i felt a sense of sadness becuase how is it possible that a person so  perfect and special as he was could go through so much back stabbing and horrible things as He did (sorry i cant find words in english anymore bare with me) But the thing is this was fortold this was going to happen and He was willing to do that for me and every single one of you! Its jaw dropping to think about and with all respect and glory to Him I am so greatful for His Willingness to do it and His great love for our Father and us. So now what more can we do to demonstrate our gratitude for His perfect sacrafice?

I love this gospel and i love His work and i hope we can all come closer to Him because i know thats what Hes asked us to do to be truely Happy in this life and inthe next. Im so bummed that i cant send pics but i will find a new computer to send them through haha have a lovely week everyone!!!!!!!!!

Con Amor,


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