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Monday, August 1, 2016

HAppy AGOSTO!!!!

Bueno, muchas cosas lindas pasaron!!!! Encontramos a nuevos investigadores que estan progresando y les gusta ir a la iglesia tambien! Estamos muy animadas! 

Mi companera y yo tuvimos wow haha oops, sorry for all the english speakers haha just use google translate haha, but we had Companion Exchanges this week and we both learned a lot, and we contacted dudes selling drugs! haha crazy! but it was all good. They were harmless, and well, they were invited to come to church with us that Sunday! 

We had a little slip up. One of our investigadores Nahir will not be getting baptized this week :/ and well, long story short, it was our fault that she didn't go to church this Sunday because of our lack of love in our teaching! 

BUT LESSON LEARNED! Never again will we make the same mistake with her or any one else.

And well, we still have hope we are still excited for her new date! And this week was MY NIECES BIRTHDAY!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY CELESTE!!! 14 years young ugh. I remember the day she was born haha I love her and all of you I'm so happy to be here and I honestly fear time because I now only have year left. I feel like it was just yesterday that I got here! 

But I'm enjoying every minute, every second! I Love this Gospel. I KNOW IT TO BE TRUE! I Testify that Jesus Christ is the Only one who can bring us back to live with Him and our Father and Families Again after this Life and He is coming SOON. His Hand is on the Door Knob! I'm Happy to know that that is why I'm here and that every missionary in the world is called to help those to prepare for this Amazing Coming! He will come like a thief at night AHHH. I'm excited!! I hope you all are too! Get Ready! LOVE YOU GUYS ALL!!!! And sorry if that was a bit much but its how I feel and inspired to share ahah, in other words sorry not sorry haha TIll NEXT WEEK.  

Con Amor,


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