Alondra's Mission

Monday, August 29, 2016


AHHHH I'm in love with this area!! Its amazing. The members are great and very happy to put their very best efforts in the Lord's work!

My Companion is from Brazil!!! I think I said this last week but I'm not sure and I'm not going to look back haha, I don't have enough time to do that haha. But, we officially are allowed to wear pants with summer approaching and it does not look ok, haha. We look like really good looking Elderas hahahhah, kidding but, its weird but, what are we gonna do? I don't want dengue, its a sickness that comes from the mosquitos here, its fatal! 

This week was good. We have new potentials and a really sweet girl that's getting baptized next week. Her name is Irina. She is so great and she's come a long way. I testify that God is REAL! He has the power to touch the heart that doubts the most. She is very valiant, She went from not knowing for sure that God existed to knowing with all surety that He surely does, and she is receiving so many answers through prayers and reading the Book of Mormon! AH its perfect! That's the only way we can know the Truth! 

I know that My Father lives and I know that His son Jesus Christ is the central part of our Father's plan for happiness. There is NO OTHER WAY we can be together again with our families and Him. Only Our Savior could make that Possible!

Con Amor,



Monday, August 22, 2016


Bueno, we had transfers today!!! And I'm now in Jujuy!! AHH, I'm so happy and excited!!! It broke my heart having to leave the members and especially the Flores-Alcoba Family but I know we will see each other again! 

I'm so happy for this week, I have learned that literally EVERYTHING is possible through our Savior Jesus Christ! EVERYTHING. Without him we literally have nothing without Him. This week was rough mentally and emotionally but there's nothing that I cant overcome if I constantly pray and read the scriptures and demonstrate faith even if its a small desire to believe. He will help us Always! Ugh, I have so much love for my Savior and I know that He never leaves me alone, never! And I know that He just wants me to be obedient and love Him and help His children. I know it to be True!

Well, that's all I got to tell this week haha love you all and Keep cool!!! 

Con Amor,

My old District, Peace out!

Monday, August 15, 2016

Hello Summer!!!!

Well, this week was great!! We found lots of really good new people to teach and we are super excited!!

This past week was starting to get REALLY HOT!! And its supposed to be winter still haha Sike!
But other then hot weather the Flores family is doing great ! Hernan is going to seminary, Nahir is going to institute and the whole family is saving to go to the temple in January!!! They have their fair share of challenges but, with the faith they have and the help they are receiving from the ward, they are doing great!

Me and my companion are doing quite swell. We are trying every day to go out with a great attitude and faith in every step and well we are surely seeing the fruits we learned that, well, everyday is a different day with different things to learn and we just got to keep moving forward and strive everyday to be better and better! 

I Love you all and I hope you guys are doing well. Lots of love from the members to you all  

Con Amor,

This is a very special Catherderal in Salta its really big and really beautiful in person!!

Monday, August 8, 2016

OLA!!!!! HAppy Agosto!

AHHH What a an amazing way to start this month!!! With A MIRACLE!!!

Nahir was baptized this Saturday!! And it was so spiritual! I was very shocked to see how her attitude changed! Its amazing how our father works! But me and hna Gogna are still looking for more people to teach. We have another baptism for the 20th of this month. We have had our ups and downs with some of our investigators but, pshhh, we got the Lord on our side, and I know that if we are obedient He will guide us through it all! The weather is so amazing!! Its becoming Spring time over here!! We are so happy. I was getting tired of the cold haha but, we are super excited for this month and we are just loving it out here. I have to take more pictures but I cant look like a tourist so we'll see how that goes haha. I love you all and just keep swimming literally I'm sure its blazing out there in Cali ahah just keep pressing forward with Faith in Christ and Pray PRAY PRAY I promise you guys that with out prayer we can't know where to go or what to do! Love you all and have a beautiful WEEK Till next time!!!

Con Amor,


Hno Caceres Nahir yo y Hna Gogna!!
the whole family is almost complete! We just need Their lovely grandmother!! AHHH and guess what!?!?!?!?
HERNAN! RECIVIED THE AARONIC PREISTHOOD THIS WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AHHH IT WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE ARE all so proud of him!!!
hahah these candies are the best and addicting ahha

and we made pizzas like my dad would say when id heat up the tortillas hahaha you can get married now hahahahhaa HAAAAAA sike!!!! it was super easy​​​

Monday, August 1, 2016

HAppy AGOSTO!!!!

Bueno, muchas cosas lindas pasaron!!!! Encontramos a nuevos investigadores que estan progresando y les gusta ir a la iglesia tambien! Estamos muy animadas! 

Mi companera y yo tuvimos wow haha oops, sorry for all the english speakers haha just use google translate haha, but we had Companion Exchanges this week and we both learned a lot, and we contacted dudes selling drugs! haha crazy! but it was all good. They were harmless, and well, they were invited to come to church with us that Sunday! 

We had a little slip up. One of our investigadores Nahir will not be getting baptized this week :/ and well, long story short, it was our fault that she didn't go to church this Sunday because of our lack of love in our teaching! 

BUT LESSON LEARNED! Never again will we make the same mistake with her or any one else.

And well, we still have hope we are still excited for her new date! And this week was MY NIECES BIRTHDAY!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY CELESTE!!! 14 years young ugh. I remember the day she was born haha I love her and all of you I'm so happy to be here and I honestly fear time because I now only have year left. I feel like it was just yesterday that I got here! 

But I'm enjoying every minute, every second! I Love this Gospel. I KNOW IT TO BE TRUE! I Testify that Jesus Christ is the Only one who can bring us back to live with Him and our Father and Families Again after this Life and He is coming SOON. His Hand is on the Door Knob! I'm Happy to know that that is why I'm here and that every missionary in the world is called to help those to prepare for this Amazing Coming! He will come like a thief at night AHHH. I'm excited!! I hope you all are too! Get Ready! LOVE YOU GUYS ALL!!!! And sorry if that was a bit much but its how I feel and inspired to share ahah, in other words sorry not sorry haha TIll NEXT WEEK.  

Con Amor,