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Monday, July 18, 2016

So Much Work Its Amazing

Well, after the beautiful baptism we had a week ago we have another coming soon.

Its incredible the way God works in the hearts of His children. He works in Great and Mysterious ways. This Family was just waiting for someone to ask them if they wanted to be baptized. We are still in awe because of how ready they were to accept and follow the gospel
We are now working with the last 2, the oldest daughter and her son Hernan are getting baptized this Saturday and Nahir in a couple more weeks. We are so excited for them because the gospel is bringing them closer everyday and it was an amazing scene this Sunday to see how the whole family was sitting together during sacrament meeting. The father had returned to church after 15 years of being inactive. They are a huge blessing for me personally. They are teaching me so much and Hna.Gogna is just amazing, I love her sweet spirit, and shes from CALI TOO OHHHHHH YEAHHHHHHH haha, but thank you all for your support and remember that there is a Father in Heaven that loves you all and is never out of reach. Pray always and trust in Him, Believe in Him, never lose sight of Him. 

Love you ALL

Con Amor,


Flores Family

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