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Monday, July 25, 2016


The Flores Familiy is almost Complete.

We had the beautiful opportunity to see Hernan the only son get baptized on Saturday. It was the most amazing thing to see how he glowed.

This week was full of trials, and our obedience was put to the ultimate test, well, perhaps its not so big but for us it was haha, but we pulled through and, well, we still have some things to work on but its amazing to know that we can always continue to try our hardest to choose the right through lots of REPENTANCE. Try it its the greatest thing we got on this earth.

But, other than that nothing else happened, oh yeah, a less active sister was trying to sell me her son hahaha, it was great to her to try...kidding, no worries, my heads' in the game. Well, love you guys 'till next week 

Con Amor,


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