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Monday, May 2, 2016

He Did It So We Don't Have To Do It Alone

Well this week was a complete turn around! Its amazing the miracles we see. No matter how small, they are so sweet, and we are so grateful to be able to witness them!

We have this amazing family we are teaching! I just know  they are going to be so blessed for their faith and effort to follow and do what the Lord wants!

The family is Juan (dad), Inez (mom), and Adriana (daughter). Juan was in a terrible accident and was left paralyzed. Like every good person, his wife Inez thought "Why my husband?" "Why did it have to be us?" We are good people, I give to those who need, and I do it with out complaining. I pray every day and every night. I love everyone around me! Why Me???? Why would God allow this to happen to me???!!!

And well, she was of course, or is angry with Him! But her husband is the most humble, faithful person I've ever met! He, however, thinks other wise. He understands things like this happen to anybody no matter who, what color or religion, and he knows that he is alive for a reason and that he is going to keep on fighting! And well, the wonderful miracle is that his legs are starting to move!!
His physical therapy is doing him so good, but more then anything, his FAITH! He and his therapist have a day for him to WALK!! And well, we got to teach him on Saturday and we offered him the opportunity to receive a blessing,  and of course we explained what it is and how it works, and well, he accepted!

Ahhh, we are so excited for today! I just know that his faith is so strong that this blessing will strengthen him even more! It gives me so much hope to know that our Savior suffered and died for us so that no one, not one of us, not anyone of you, would have to do it alone. He did that so that not one of us has to feel alone or feel unimportant or feel that they are not worth the time of anyone! DO NOT THINK THAT WAY EVER! Because its not true! Each and everyone one of us is worth His time and sacrifice. So go on and believe and have faith that he loves and knows every single one of you perfectly. And He's waiting for you guys with His arms full of grace and mercy and unconditional love. Have faith and hope He is there and He loves everyone of you!

I love you guys so much!! Have a beautiful rest of your week!

Ps. we got some sweet stuff at Mickey D's
And Meet mi Companiera Hna Tramell!!!<333 

Con Amor,

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