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Monday, January 18, 2016

My Zone

Ok, well, this computer is being very dumb but, Heyyyyyyyyy Everyone!!! How are y'alls???!!! Well, first things first. I want to let you all know that my silly ditsy self did not get my passport stolen, it was just at Kinkos where I accidentally left it and I got it all under control so no problem here. But my first day was the 13th and it was all a blur. All I know and can honestly say is that the MTC tears you apart and I mean it in a good and spiritual way. It has definitely changed my view on what the mission is. I'm telling you guys its amazing here!! And they feed us very well!! I hope you are all doing good and can someone please tell my mom and dad to like give me an email address so they can email me because it kinda really sucks that I haven't heard from either of them and also make sure that they actually use the email and check it on Mondays! 

But any who, I leave the MTC on the 25th and I know I won't be leaving directly to Argentina but, I'm still excited and I can't wait. I know my Savior lives! And I know that without faith in Him and His atonement, its like going in blind to a boxing match. Always remember that through Faith in Jesus Christ and His Atonement, repentance, baptism and renewing our promise every Sunday, listening to the guidance of the spirit, and enduring to the end--we will find what we've been looking for. These principles fit for anyone and their different circumstances. Love you all and I am grateful for your support. Have a blessed rest of your week, 'till next Monday.

Con Amor,
Hmn Urena

This is my first day :D

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