Alondra's Mission

Monday, December 19, 2016

So Much Joy I just Cant!!

Seriously time is just not my friend haha everything is going by so fast!!!

But anywho we had a good week! 2 Investigators progressing but very very well! we are so excited for this Saturday! This past Saturday Canela was going to be baptized but she wanted to have her own baptizim haha so shes going to be baptized on a very special day! Christmas Eve!! We love her and are so excited for her But most importantly she is super excited! She has the biggest smile on her face when we talkabout her Baptisim! (fyi i dont know how to spell baptisim in either lanuage bare with me please) haha  

And we found a very special sister that is very interested in the gosple! She went to church for the seocnd time and she read the Book of Mormon and is Praying!! golly is she feeling the spirit! She loves it! and has a lot of support from her aunt which is a member that is reactivating!! ahhhhhwe are so happy!

We have Another family that is reactivating as well but gosh every one is special but these guys have such a special place in my hear well they all do but man i love to see the Reyes familiy at church now! and i love the fact that they are all willingly to do whatever it is possible to be there! I Know that through small and simple tings Great and Marvelous miracles happen!

Dont lose Faith! i love the stoy of Alma and his people in the Book of mormon! its in Mosiah 24 it really helped to remember that no matter what i can always speak to my Heavenly Father and that if i dont lose faith and press forward with paciencia and hope in Him and in my circumstances i will be ok and He will go where ever i go! and i  know that for everyone of you guys! I love you guys so much and have a Very Merry Christmas and a HAppy New Year!!

In this time of year in Argentina you gotta have Air!!! 

We Had our Christmas Conference! it was Sweet! we had i with the 2 zones in Jujuy

Mi Presidente de Mision! Presidente Chaparro! and my companion!!

y my querida Hna Tramell!! La amo tanto!! 

Con Amor,

Monday, December 12, 2016

Its Heating Up!

Its the weirdest thing to have Christmas in the summer time!! haha I literally sweat all day. Perhaps a little too much but seriously I'm impressed to see it myself! haha

This week we saw a ton of miracles!!! We had a lot of  Less actives come to church and wow were we so happy to see them! We had visited them earlier in the week and a lot of them are new less actives that we had met and almost every single one came to church! 

We have a baptism for this weekend and hopefully one for Christmas Eve! Golly are we just seeing and receiving so many Blessings! This is so Great! And sincerely I cant think of a better place to be right NOW! 

I hope that you all remember why we celebrate this time of year and Really try to keep Him in our hearts I'm So happy that in this time we unite with the rest of the world to celebrate our Saviors Birth I love Him and I Know He Loves me too as well every single one of you! 

We have a Christmas Tree of Families from the Ward and we just happened to be at the top haha I Love this Christmas Tree!!! So Sweet!! and I love the scripture in the corner John 3:16 For God so loved the world He gave His Only Begotten Son...

Con Amor,
Hrm. Urena

Monday, December 5, 2016

Coronel Arias Jujuy!

So This week we had a beautiful Musical number by the primary! Oh it was so cute! To hear the Kiddies Sing about the Birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. They lit the hearts of all the members! Its amazing what this Christmas Season brings to us and all the World. 

Also we have a yound man leaving on his misison this week! Ah we are so excited for him and super proud! He is a huge example for his whole family! They have been through alot like most of us and have pulled through every trial with Faith and hope in the Lord.

This week we found alot of people to teach in a part of our area that we have never explored before because we were alwasy told that we shouldnt go there but we found amazing people that are willing to follow the example and learn more about His gospel. We are super stocked for these New people! Something that i was able to learn this Sunday was that DyC 18:10 The worth of every soul is great! Ill be honest i  know sometimes i think and say to mtself no i dont think that this man wants to learn or no hes not even going to try to listen to us but in reality i dont know that! God knows our true potential and He knows what can become we need to learn to not get in the way of that. We should always be willing to help whoever whenever with out jugding the circumstances. I know that if i do that i will truely be able to find every person that He wants my companion and i to find and all of you as well can do it to. 

I ate Lama!! it was Great!! we wen Tilcara With a Strong Member! Rocio!! to  so pretty and we got to visit the little houses up there!i forgot the name of the people that lived there oops
We had lots little angels like her on Sunday and we were feeling the Heat!! HAppy December!!
I love my Companion! She is such a goof but a spiritaul fireballat the same time!

Con Amor,

Monday, November 28, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!

AHHH, It was the best thanksgiving! We got shelves and pictures hung up of John the Baptist and the Buenos Aires Temple, we had a Sweet Week! We had a Tormenta Blanca!! Its when all the missionaries come to an area of one of the companionships and they street contact and teach, and well, they did that in our area! We got 19 new People to teach!!  WE are SO EXCITED!! We also found a very interested guy that came by himself to the chaple yesterday and wants to learn more about the gosple We have an appointment with him Today, ahhh we are so excited!! Someting that I really loved this week was something I read in John 16:33... With all the Things that we go through this made me remember that no matter what things we go through we can still find Peace in these tumoltuos times. I love the peace and comfort that the scriptures bring to me. I hope that we can all feel it especially this Christmas season. Oh and I hope you guys can also do the Light the World Thing. 25 days of service is the best way to share the light of the world!!

Con Amor,


Monday, November 21, 2016


So Hello my beautiful Family and friends I just want to star off with I love you guys and i am very grateful for you guys! And i hope that you guys are all doing great and enjoying this Season lots of happiness and cheer!

This week was a rough one and to be honest it felt like almost impossible but its amazing how the Lord works! 
He helps me through studying the scriptures and learning about Him and through pray i can also feel that He is right there listening to me. I Love my Father In Heaven and i know im not here to please anyone but Him. 
He also helps me feel comfort and hope through my Faithful Companion she is so strong and her faith and desire to work is amazing and has helped me get through it all. 

From this weeks events all i can say is PACIENCIA, AMOR, HUMILDAD, Y HUMILDAD, Y HUMILDAD!(Im sorry i dont remember these words in english ver well hahah)
And the most perfect example is Jesus Christ he suffered so much and endured soooo much and Never did he murmur or get angry or frustrated. Better yet He prayed for those that were crucifying Him! I cannot thank Him enough for showing us the way to do things and I know that if i follow Him He will bless me and help me have a better week and more love and paciencia for all those who surround me and that  i am serving .

On the bright side i love my companion SOOOO MUCH!! sHE IS THE BEST !!! And the weather is great !! We have had LOTS AND LOTS OF RAIN!!! much better than HOT and HUMID! haha 

Love you guys and hope you all enjoy This Thanksgiving! 
Con Amor,


Monday, November 14, 2016

Happy November!

AHHH Sorry i didn't write last week my Companion and i Got sick and we were too weak to do anything but we are all good and back and running the weather has been HOT!! and HUMID!!!! bUT nothing we cant handle just have to stay really hydrated! 

This week we have transfers! ANd i stayed and received Hna Gomez shes from Costa Rica and we have just about the same time on the mission she has 8 months and we are super excited for this new Transfer!! 

We had a baptism last week Diego remember the guy that Had a really long story and found 2 sister missionaries in the south of Argentina and now is a Member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints!!! hahah We were so Happy and still are Hes doing great and is very Special his Baptism was Super Special 
Con Amor,

Monday, October 31, 2016

Another One / Happy HALLOWEEN

Well, this week was a little hard for the fact that our Ward isn't so supportive for the work that is going on, but its ok. I know that all will be well and we just gotta keep supporting the preisthood and help them and do our part, and the Lord will add His part

We are so happy for our investigator Diego. Man, this man is Superman!! He is enduring to the very end! Since he didn't get baptized this weekend we have to keep daily contact with him, and its not a problem. We are so proud of him and all he's overcome. He's a man of incredible unbreakable faith! He is a huge example of faith and we are so happy for him! 

We will be having his baptizim this week. WE ARE SO EXCITED FOR DIEGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

P.S.  Nobody does anything here for Halloween haha, so no candy for me haha, kidding. Have a safe Halloween Everyone!!

Con Amor,


Monday, October 24, 2016

There is always something we can do better! NEW PACKAGE INFO. ***PLEASE READ***

Well, I'll say the good stuff frist! We have 4 investigators progressing! 4 that went to church this Sunday and 2 that are getting baptized this November! We are so excited and so confident about these investigators. They are so ready to make promises with their Heavenly Father! We are so happy and proud of all that they have given and keep giving to keep on going! 

Now its not bad things that happened, just not experiences that one doesn't want to have so often but they happen for a reason. Well, I had a couple of gloomy days spiritually. And well, I kinda lost my way a little but, something that I've always known, but we forget sometimes, is that all the things we go through, good and bad in this life, are to help us progress. 2 Nefi 2:11-14

I'm so greatful that we have trials and hardships not because they are easy or because I want them, but because they help us progress, they help us learn and grow, and that is why we are here on this Earth, to learn, to grow, and to have faith in our Savior Jesus Christ, and do what He has shown us to do. I know that if we can remember this always and TRUST A LOT MORE IN HIM! We will be ok! We will be Happy, and we will have more joy in our lives that I know and promise!



i need more pictures hahha


Queridos Misioneros,

Les escribo para avisarles de un cambio en la manera de retirar los paquetes del correo argentino. A causa de ese cambio, no podemos retirarlos actualmente. Estamos trabajando para que podamos hacerlo lo más antes posible. Por favor, díganles a sus padres y seres queridos que no les manden paquetes hasta que tengamos una solución. (O pueden desviarles esta carta sin tener que explicar nada.)

¡Que tengan un buen día!

Elder Chambers | Secretario
Misión Argentina Salta | 2012316
Cell 387 445 4476 | Oficina 387 439 8119

Dear Missionaries,

There has been a change in the mailing system here in Argentina that makes it so we can’t receive packages at this moment. We are working on finding a solution to the problem as soon as possible. Please tell your parents and loved ones to not send you packages until we have a solution. (Or you can just forward this message so you don’t have to explain anything.)

Have a great day!

Elder Chambers | Secretary
Argentina Salta Mission | 2012316
Cell 387 445 4476 | Office 387 439 8119
Con Amor,


Monday, October 17, 2016

Just when you feel like you can't go anymore, He's always right there!

So this is a long story but, I'll try to make it super short and give it all the meaning it was for me!

 Well, as you know our week wasn't so great last week. But just when I thought that I couldn't go any more, God is always there to pick me up and dust me off and let me know that He's always there!

So this is what happened. We ended the week bad, not a lot of lessons and progressing investigators, we had no money to buy our groceries for the week, we didn't finish our studies, we didn't eat until like 6 PM, we lost the cellphone that I have to pay 400 pesos for haha, and we had forgotten the keys to our apartment at the chapel, and barely had enough money to pay for our taxi to go look for the keys, and we had to start working at 6:30 and all this occurred at 6:15, and we were still in p-day clothes!

I felt so much pressure, responsibility that slipped through my hands, and like a failure...... BUT little did we know that God was there the whole time and He was just trying to help me see what I can do better and how to do it. 

When we got to the chapel to find the keys, we found a man that had attended General Conference and was hooked! He had a really rough past and was just trying to look for God, and he knew that this was where he was going to find Him. When we saw him, we immediately did not care if we were in p-day clothes. We greeted him so happily and taught him right then and there. I cannot express how  strong the spirit was in the whole lesson! That lesson was just full of light and truth, and he felt that it was all that he needed to be a better father and keep pressing forward with his children. We invited him to be baptized on the 29th of this month and he accepted so humbly and I couldn't stop crying after that lesson knowing that if I could have just had a little more faith, a little more patience, and a lot more humility, everything would work out just fine. I testify that the Lord really does love and knows us, each and every single one of us. He knows personally and He knows where and what is our limit. Never lose faith in what He can do for us and in His tender mercies, they are always present. Since then, we haven't stopped trying to do better, and we are striving to work as hard as we can to be better instruments in the Lord's hands. I know He lives and I know He loves us too. I testify this in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

 BY THE WAY HAPPY MOTHERS DAY FROM ARGENTINA!!!! (they are the only country that celebrates it in October haha) Love you all and have a marvelous WEEK!!!!

Con Amor,


Monday, October 10, 2016

Trials, come on in!

Well, this week was ROUGH!

But I'm on the mission haha, its going to happen. I received a new companion last week and she's a mini from Tucuman, so that means she's just a young lady from a ward that so bravely volunteered to come to the mission and be my companion for 6 weeks. I have no idea how to even express how hard it is right now. And I wont try to express it either because it doesn't matter. All I do know is that this happened for a reason and I know that my Heavenly Father has something for me to learn, something that I need to change. Our week was rough too, not a lot of lessons and not a lot of new investigators but Whoopee for a new week!! 

I Hope you guys enjoy these last months!! These are my  favorite months of the Year!!! 

Nothing better then LA MISION ARGENTINA SALTA!!

My Old Zona

Con Amor,


Monday, September 12, 2016

Switch it all up!

This week was super good! Well monday was sooooo cold i just couldnt handel it  haha but its ok these are thae last days of winter and then comes spring! We had a zone meeting and its seriously amazing how inspiried our President is its such a blessing to be in this mission! We learned about how we can work better with the members! it was perfect because its exactly what aour area needs! So we learned alot and i loved the final question that was What more cani do? And well me and my companion ask ourselves that every day and i think its helping because this week we did things alittle different we changed up alot of appointmentes and we saw tender mercies every where we turned! And well We now have 3 new investigators and 2 went to church this Sunday!! ahhhhhhh we were so happy and they loved it! they accpeted a date for baptizim too so that is great! and their mom wants them to investigate she is less active but we have set up an appointment to see her and talk to her too! My companion got a little sick becuase we ate lamb and it was great but not so great to her stomach and since them she hasnt been feeling to well. But it was super great! this week I also got a reality check on the Sacrafice of our Savior. Perhaps im wrong but i was reading in Matthew about all the events that occured leading up tpHis crucificion and i felt a sense of sadness becuase how is it possible that a person so  perfect and special as he was could go through so much back stabbing and horrible things as He did (sorry i cant find words in english anymore bare with me) But the thing is this was fortold this was going to happen and He was willing to do that for me and every single one of you! Its jaw dropping to think about and with all respect and glory to Him I am so greatful for His Willingness to do it and His great love for our Father and us. So now what more can we do to demonstrate our gratitude for His perfect sacrafice?

I love this gospel and i love His work and i hope we can all come closer to Him because i know thats what Hes asked us to do to be truely Happy in this life and inthe next. Im so bummed that i cant send pics but i will find a new computer to send them through haha have a lovely week everyone!!!!!!!!!

Con Amor,


Monday, September 5, 2016


Well this week was great till this Bitter COLD!! came along! haha but im good im still alive!

Woot Woot! Irina is an Angel! She was Baptized this Saturday and Confirmed! Ah i Literllay saw her Glowing! It was so Beautiful to be able tp Participate in her Baptisim. Ah i wish i  could send pictures! but this Computer is not reading my camera but its ok next time guys.

Well this week was a struggle internally. i wont go into detail but im sure greatful for the power of prayer, My mission presidente, and the Book of Mormon. He really answeres prayers through others and reading the scriptures. Just when i thought i was good He showed me that i had alot more to learn but im greatful for these learning oppurtunities becuase thats what we are here for to learn and grow. This week we also had a open Chaple i think thats what it translates to in english haha but anywho it was  a really great feeling to see the stands of every organization. It filled me with a great feeling of Gratitude to know that im in the true church of Jesus Christ. Theres no doubt in my heart that this is True! And the Book of Mormon too!! I love you guys and i hope you are all enjoying the Heat ahahaha Love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Con Amor,


Monday, August 29, 2016


AHHHH I'm in love with this area!! Its amazing. The members are great and very happy to put their very best efforts in the Lord's work!

My Companion is from Brazil!!! I think I said this last week but I'm not sure and I'm not going to look back haha, I don't have enough time to do that haha. But, we officially are allowed to wear pants with summer approaching and it does not look ok, haha. We look like really good looking Elderas hahahhah, kidding but, its weird but, what are we gonna do? I don't want dengue, its a sickness that comes from the mosquitos here, its fatal! 

This week was good. We have new potentials and a really sweet girl that's getting baptized next week. Her name is Irina. She is so great and she's come a long way. I testify that God is REAL! He has the power to touch the heart that doubts the most. She is very valiant, She went from not knowing for sure that God existed to knowing with all surety that He surely does, and she is receiving so many answers through prayers and reading the Book of Mormon! AH its perfect! That's the only way we can know the Truth! 

I know that My Father lives and I know that His son Jesus Christ is the central part of our Father's plan for happiness. There is NO OTHER WAY we can be together again with our families and Him. Only Our Savior could make that Possible!

Con Amor,



Monday, August 22, 2016


Bueno, we had transfers today!!! And I'm now in Jujuy!! AHH, I'm so happy and excited!!! It broke my heart having to leave the members and especially the Flores-Alcoba Family but I know we will see each other again! 

I'm so happy for this week, I have learned that literally EVERYTHING is possible through our Savior Jesus Christ! EVERYTHING. Without him we literally have nothing without Him. This week was rough mentally and emotionally but there's nothing that I cant overcome if I constantly pray and read the scriptures and demonstrate faith even if its a small desire to believe. He will help us Always! Ugh, I have so much love for my Savior and I know that He never leaves me alone, never! And I know that He just wants me to be obedient and love Him and help His children. I know it to be True!

Well, that's all I got to tell this week haha love you all and Keep cool!!! 

Con Amor,

My old District, Peace out!

Monday, August 15, 2016

Hello Summer!!!!

Well, this week was great!! We found lots of really good new people to teach and we are super excited!!

This past week was starting to get REALLY HOT!! And its supposed to be winter still haha Sike!
But other then hot weather the Flores family is doing great ! Hernan is going to seminary, Nahir is going to institute and the whole family is saving to go to the temple in January!!! They have their fair share of challenges but, with the faith they have and the help they are receiving from the ward, they are doing great!

Me and my companion are doing quite swell. We are trying every day to go out with a great attitude and faith in every step and well we are surely seeing the fruits we learned that, well, everyday is a different day with different things to learn and we just got to keep moving forward and strive everyday to be better and better! 

I Love you all and I hope you guys are doing well. Lots of love from the members to you all  

Con Amor,

This is a very special Catherderal in Salta its really big and really beautiful in person!!

Monday, August 8, 2016

OLA!!!!! HAppy Agosto!

AHHH What a an amazing way to start this month!!! With A MIRACLE!!!

Nahir was baptized this Saturday!! And it was so spiritual! I was very shocked to see how her attitude changed! Its amazing how our father works! But me and hna Gogna are still looking for more people to teach. We have another baptism for the 20th of this month. We have had our ups and downs with some of our investigators but, pshhh, we got the Lord on our side, and I know that if we are obedient He will guide us through it all! The weather is so amazing!! Its becoming Spring time over here!! We are so happy. I was getting tired of the cold haha but, we are super excited for this month and we are just loving it out here. I have to take more pictures but I cant look like a tourist so we'll see how that goes haha. I love you all and just keep swimming literally I'm sure its blazing out there in Cali ahah just keep pressing forward with Faith in Christ and Pray PRAY PRAY I promise you guys that with out prayer we can't know where to go or what to do! Love you all and have a beautiful WEEK Till next time!!!

Con Amor,


Hno Caceres Nahir yo y Hna Gogna!!
the whole family is almost complete! We just need Their lovely grandmother!! AHHH and guess what!?!?!?!?
HERNAN! RECIVIED THE AARONIC PREISTHOOD THIS WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AHHH IT WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE ARE all so proud of him!!!
hahah these candies are the best and addicting ahha

and we made pizzas like my dad would say when id heat up the tortillas hahaha you can get married now hahahahhaa HAAAAAA sike!!!! it was super easy​​​

Monday, August 1, 2016

HAppy AGOSTO!!!!

Bueno, muchas cosas lindas pasaron!!!! Encontramos a nuevos investigadores que estan progresando y les gusta ir a la iglesia tambien! Estamos muy animadas! 

Mi companera y yo tuvimos wow haha oops, sorry for all the english speakers haha just use google translate haha, but we had Companion Exchanges this week and we both learned a lot, and we contacted dudes selling drugs! haha crazy! but it was all good. They were harmless, and well, they were invited to come to church with us that Sunday! 

We had a little slip up. One of our investigadores Nahir will not be getting baptized this week :/ and well, long story short, it was our fault that she didn't go to church this Sunday because of our lack of love in our teaching! 

BUT LESSON LEARNED! Never again will we make the same mistake with her or any one else.

And well, we still have hope we are still excited for her new date! And this week was MY NIECES BIRTHDAY!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY CELESTE!!! 14 years young ugh. I remember the day she was born haha I love her and all of you I'm so happy to be here and I honestly fear time because I now only have year left. I feel like it was just yesterday that I got here! 

But I'm enjoying every minute, every second! I Love this Gospel. I KNOW IT TO BE TRUE! I Testify that Jesus Christ is the Only one who can bring us back to live with Him and our Father and Families Again after this Life and He is coming SOON. His Hand is on the Door Knob! I'm Happy to know that that is why I'm here and that every missionary in the world is called to help those to prepare for this Amazing Coming! He will come like a thief at night AHHH. I'm excited!! I hope you all are too! Get Ready! LOVE YOU GUYS ALL!!!! And sorry if that was a bit much but its how I feel and inspired to share ahah, in other words sorry not sorry haha TIll NEXT WEEK.  

Con Amor,


Monday, July 25, 2016


The Flores Familiy is almost Complete.

We had the beautiful opportunity to see Hernan the only son get baptized on Saturday. It was the most amazing thing to see how he glowed.

This week was full of trials, and our obedience was put to the ultimate test, well, perhaps its not so big but for us it was haha, but we pulled through and, well, we still have some things to work on but its amazing to know that we can always continue to try our hardest to choose the right through lots of REPENTANCE. Try it its the greatest thing we got on this earth.

But, other than that nothing else happened, oh yeah, a less active sister was trying to sell me her son hahaha, it was great to her to try...kidding, no worries, my heads' in the game. Well, love you guys 'till next week 

Con Amor,


Monday, July 18, 2016

So Much Work Its Amazing

Well, after the beautiful baptism we had a week ago we have another coming soon.

Its incredible the way God works in the hearts of His children. He works in Great and Mysterious ways. This Family was just waiting for someone to ask them if they wanted to be baptized. We are still in awe because of how ready they were to accept and follow the gospel
We are now working with the last 2, the oldest daughter and her son Hernan are getting baptized this Saturday and Nahir in a couple more weeks. We are so excited for them because the gospel is bringing them closer everyday and it was an amazing scene this Sunday to see how the whole family was sitting together during sacrament meeting. The father had returned to church after 15 years of being inactive. They are a huge blessing for me personally. They are teaching me so much and Hna.Gogna is just amazing, I love her sweet spirit, and shes from CALI TOO OHHHHHH YEAHHHHHHH haha, but thank you all for your support and remember that there is a Father in Heaven that loves you all and is never out of reach. Pray always and trust in Him, Believe in Him, never lose sight of Him. 

Love you ALL

Con Amor,


Flores Family

Monday, July 11, 2016



Haha kidding I'm staying but my companion left, she has been a huge example to me and those around us. We also had a lovely miracle: The Family that we were teaching got baptized this weekend and it was a privilege to see them make this special promise with our Father in Heaven, and their brother is next! He was so happy to see their baptisms, and well, the Ward was the greatest, and they were so excited too because they hadn't had baptisms in a year-and-a-half but, man was this family ready for this step. They were practically ready the first day we met. I can testify with all my heart that Our Father in Heaven has and is preparing the hearts of men, and well, when we do our part and put our faith in him he helps us help them, and well, the Spirit does all the real work. 

Con Amor,

Familia Flores the newest members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
and me and my old companion Hna Tramell you will be missed 

Monday, July 4, 2016


This week was crazy! so many ups and downs but like we all know He is still always there to cheer us on in the ups and lift us up on the downs. We are so excited this week for our lovely friends Familia Flores! They are progressing so much! Its amazing!! They are truly a choosen family, and whats the most amazing thing, is that they are witnessing so many blessings from the faith that they are putting in our Heavenly Father! AHhh we love them so much and we are so happy that they are getting the opportunity to enjoy these blessings too. Thank you for your prayers and support. Pray always, the heavens are open for those who need from Him!! He also wants to
hear what you're grateful for too. Have a Sweet Independence Day! I love you all!

the closest thing to America McDonalds hahahha

Con Amor,


Monday, June 27, 2016

Month 5! Full of Milagros!

Hola Familia!! 

Que tal. Perdon que no les he escribido!! Pero QUE CREEN!!! LA FAMILIA FLORES FUERON A LA IGLESIA POR SEGUNDA VEZ!!!!!!

No puedo expresar lo tan hermoso es ver como el espiritu a testificado el corazon de esta familia en esepecial a la Mama Erika! Ella went from smoking a pack or 2 of cigarettes a day to 0!!!!

Gracias por sus oraciones y continuen a orar por ella. Satanas esta tratando de attacarla y se que el no va a prevalecer!!!!

Les amo mucho Y me Encanta esta escritura! 1 Nefi 16:29 "Por pequeños medios el Señor puede realizar grandes cosas."

Yo se esto con toda mi alma!! Lo veo cada dia en la mision y en sus cartas. Nunca se olviden que cuando nosotros tratamos de vivir de acuerdo con sus principios, el nos bendecirá!!

Les amo Tanto y Gracias por su apoyo y amor! 


Con Amor,


Monday, June 6, 2016

Tough One, But All Worth It

 We hardly had lessons. Every appointment fell and we couldn't teach a lot because no one answered the door or were too busy, but one thing happened this Fast Sunday! 

We started working with this less active family that had lost their little girl months after their baptism. We had only visited them two times before this past Sunday. We were so hopeful that they would decide to return to church with the help of the members, and well, we taught them and invited them and made sure there was someone to help them get there because, Elsa the wife, has really bad arthritis, and well, we left it in Gods hands. Not only did they come to church but, they shared their testimony!! Those sweet words that came out of Claudio's and Elsa's mouth were exactly what I needed. He showed me that I'm not here to glorify myself in anyway but I'm here to work alongside these beautiful members and help the ones that have strayed away, and those who have yet to find the way. I know without a doubt that my Savior lives and that my Heavenly Father loves me, and that He is really watching over us and knows exactly what we need, and at the precise moment we need it!

I know we are given tough moments to cherish the good ones, and I know that we can learn from our tough times and trust in our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, and act on that faith ALWAYS!!

Love you all, have a fantastic week!!

Con Amor,

Monday, May 30, 2016

Another 6 Weeks In Limache, Salta

Oh man this Sunday was so nerve racking, but me and Hermana Tramell get to stay together for another 6 weeks, and man, are we pumped for all the work we are going to do! 
I am personally so excited because transfers, I feel, are like a new start. We are so excited to be instruments in the Lords hand's, and we have already started off very well. 

We have an investigator and a less active that are very good! They have both lost their mothers recently and are very anxious to welcome their new baby. Belen is the wife's name and Javier is the husband. He is a member and still has a very strong testimony of the gospel, especially about the restoration of the gospel. We are very excited to see both of them progress and they are very excited too!

I know its not Christmas but it sure feels like it over here!! Its freezing! Haha, but today I was reading in the Book of Mormon and it was in Helaman in the final chapters, and it was talking about the signs of the birth of Jesus Christ and personally I don't think we have to wait for Christmas to come around to think about what happened when He came to the World and how he changed the lives for every person who lived, was living in that moment, and has yet to live now! 

I cannot express how blessed I feel to know that He came to the world for a Divine Purpose and He did it because He truly loves us, and because He also wanted to obey His father. I love my Savior and My Father. I'm so happy that because of him we can be healed and made whole. We can truly find peace and love and joy for all eternity through Him and His true and restored gospel. 

I love you all and I hope you all have an Amazing Week!!!!

Con Amor,

Monday, May 23, 2016

"A Lot of Lessons Learned"

Well, No Baptisms in case you are all wondering but, its OK. Me and my companion are nowhere close to giving up!! But this week was very good, a lot of lessons learned and I'm really excited to change and work more the way the Lord wants me to work. Oh, and cool things that happened... I fell walking down the stairs and it really hurt!! It was great!! 

Well, till next time 
Love you all

Monday, May 16, 2016

Hola Hermosos

Les amo Mucho!! 

Hoy quiero hablar con mis hermanos y hermanas que son menos activos de mucho tiempo o de poco tiempo o cualquier otra forma de inactividad de la iglesia. And also to my parents who are active and brothers and sisters who are active as well.

We had an experience with a less active family that I spoke of in my other letter to all my friends and family members. It made me think a lot about you guys active and not active and to be honest I've been having dreams about you guys, some good, some not so good, y me preocupa un poco. 

Yo se que ustedes estan en las manos del Señor pero tambien que ustedes tienen la libertad de escoger que camino quieren tomar. Pero solamente quiero recordares que El les ama tanto y quiere que regresen. El quiere que participen de ese fruto tan deseable que satiface toda sed y hambre. Yo quiero que esten verdaderamente felices y El mas. Yo les amo tanto y me da tanto tristesa al saber que quizas algunos de mis hermanos no voy a ver otra vez despues de esta vida pero yo pienso mas en como lo maravilloso seria a tener a todos usted conmigo con mom and dad again in the next life with our own families. Imagine the mansion he has prepared for the Ureña Family<3 

Every single one of you is worthy of His Blessings. NEVER LET SATAN BRING YOU DOWN OR  MAKE YOU THINK THAT ITS ALL LOST AND THERE IS NO HOPE. IF YOU BELIEVE THAT, STOP!!!! ITS THE BIGGEST LIE OF THE FATHER OF ALL LIES! I know that each child of His is Beautiful and worth more than gold and silver or whatever fine worldly thing.

Para mis activos les amo igual y por favor ayuden a ellos que necesiten de su ayuda. Se que tenemos nuestras familias pero tambien no nos olvidemos de literalmente nuestros hermanos y hermanas que estan perdidos y necesitan a little extra push 

I think we should have a goal as a family! And it should be this: To help an bring every single one of us back to His path.<3 

I love you guys  and dad, can you tell grandma I love her and that she's beautiful and I miss and hope she's doing just great. Mom please tell Grandma Irene the same <3   

 Con Amor,

Monday, May 9, 2016

Feliz Dia De Las Madres To All Mis Madres!

Las Amo Tanto!!

 Quiero que sepan que estan tan lindas y tan preciadas, Nuestro Padre en realidad las conoce perfectamente bien y se que el esta tan orgulloso de ustedes por cada dia que se esfuercen para ser las mejores Mammas para sus lindos hijos. Remember that everyday is a new day, a day to start over and to recognize his eternal love for you all. I love you guys so much and I really hope you guys feel the love not only today but everyday. I love and cherish each and everyone of you!!

Con Amor,
Hrm. Urena